here are cakes chloe has made in the past! you're welcome to order one of these or speak to her about creating something custom.

(cakes may vary slightly from image)

white vintage heart birthday cake

blue & white vintage floral cake

walnut carrot cake w/macarons

strawberry flower cake

dancing queen 17th birthday cake

blueberry cheesecake

vintage heart cake

biscoff birthday bear cake

blush vintage rose cake

space themed cake

large matcha cake with checkerboard pattern, cookies & macarons

chocolate lambeth style cake

cartoon frog cake set

vintage cherry blossom cake

cartoon bear cake

strawberry shortcake

easter basket cake

matcha crepe cake 

minion cake

strawberry cake

biscoff flower cake

mini matcha cake + macarons

oreo cake

fresh fruit birthday cake

lunar new year cake

chocolate bear cake

cartoon cinnamoroll cake

mini striped matcha cake with checkerboard layers

chocolate overload cake

frosted heart cake

mini oreo cake

red velvet vintage rose cake

watercolour cake

mother's day cake

mini chocolate cake

mocha cake

floral cake

strawberry cheesecake cake

white chocolate cake

basketball bear cake

custom food fondant decorations cake

abstract art cake

fresh fruit cake

piped sunflower cake

pecan pie cake

pumpkin cake

french opera cake

 mini number cake

chocolate cake

rainbow cake

thanksgiving cake

pumpkin cheesecake

piped pineapple cake