here are cookies chloe has made in the past! you're welcome to order one of these or speak to her about creating something custom for your event.

(cookies may vary slightly from image)

holiday sugar cookie set

holiday tree sugar cookies

holiday stocking sugar cookies

custom holiday ornament cookies

custom retirement sugar cookies

custom graduation sugar cookies

cookie platter

christmas sugar cookies

linzer cookies with strawberry jam

rose soft sugar cookies

iced bee sugar cookies

assorted cookies 

(oreo cheesecake, funfetti, biscoff oatmeal, snikerdoodle, matcha crinkle, chocolate chip, linzer, brownie)

iced tree sugar cookies

easter egg sugar cookies

almond frosted sugar cookies

custom pencil & paper sugar cookies

filled heart shortbread

chocolate chunk shortbread cookies

iced frosted sugar cookies with names

abstract cookies

coffee cake cookies

carrot cake cookies

matcha, vanilla & chocolate sugar cookies

oreo cheesecake cookies

iced easter egg cookies

cinnamon toast crunch snickerdoodles

chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

maple pecan shortbread

birthday cookie trio

abstract cookies