here are cupcakes chloe has made in the past! you're welcome to order one of these or speak to her about creating something custom.

(cupcakes may vary slightly from image)

get well soon cupcakes

custom colour theme cupcakes (tailored to event colours)

custom team hockey set with logo

winter themed cupcakes

matcha birthday cupcake set

hockey birthday cupcakes

monster-themed cupcakes

fondant bear cupcakes

pig cupcakes

assorted cupcakes (carrot, matcha, chocolate)

frosted chocolate cupcakes

poinsettia cupcakes

flower bouqet cupcakes

"best buddies" themed cupcakes 

(based on the club's logo & colours)

hockey team cupcake set

pumpkin cupcakes

tiger cupcakes

sunflower cupcake

"petit nicolas" themed cupcakes 

(based on a novel for a french class)

super bowl cupcakes

abstract floral cupcakes